Business process based regulatory compliance solutions

Be it financial regulations or regulations by your industry, professional association or health & safety compliance, Smart Media process workflow offers solutions that can be easily adapted for your organisational structure and needs.

Manage policies and procedures with integrated awareness and training management

Applying systematic process for management of policies and procedures makes good business sense regardless of any ISO certification. Intelligent WorkFlow will route policies through the required approval steps, replace the old version with the latest one and alert all relevant users of the new version. Where you need proof of awareness, a ‘mandatory read’ confirmation can be easily requested and followed up. And you can trigger a knowledge assessment questionnaire at any point, or at regular intervals to ensure your professional teams know how to apply the regulations.

Demonstrate transparent operational processes and compliance

Whether you want to ensure you are not falling foul of UK Bribery Act or prevent miss-selling of financial products, when you incorporate Intelligent WorkFlow into your processes, you can make sure each transaction has the appropriate checks and balances included, in a transparent and auditable way, that will make the visit from external auditors welcome any day.

Compliance assessments, surveys and questionnaires

Compliance assessment and knowledge questionnaires can be created and managed independently of any specific policies and procedures. You can score the answers and automatically export data to other systems. With conditional routing options, next steps can be determined based on the score.

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